Weekend weight watch

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can help us function better and live a long and happy life. But on weekends, it is usually cheat day(s). But going at this routine can strain your “weekday clean diet” intensely. Yes, the burger you’ve been craving for since Wednesday seems to be a great reward for the weekend. Or have a couple of cocktails and margaritas with your friends to chill and de-stress.

Sorry to burst your bubble but that mindset is wrong!

There’s no harm in denying that we love to indulge. Try rewarding yourself with one clean packed meal over the weekend. And we just can’t say ‘no’ to your friends’ invite for drinks, so opt to just have one. But self-control usually goes out the window when we are living in the moment. But don’t worry – check out four amazing tips you could do to lessen the weight gain or help you speed up your metabolism.

According to research, exposure to green environments does not only boost your mood but also promote a good mood that tends to eat less. Find fun activities you could do with your family or friends like a 5KM fun run or walk. Alternatively, join a Zumba class at the park during the weekend. Ride a real bike out on parkways. That will burn off more or less 545 calories. Walking your dog (if you have one) can burn up around 237 calories. If you have green fingers, weekends may be the time for you to putter in your garden. Pull out some unnecessary weeds and water the plants, this would averagely burn off 339 calories!

It’s okay to let your sleep-deprived body stay in bed a little longer than seven hours. What better time to do that than during the weekend! Catch up on some sleep because your body will be grateful for that extra rest. And according to St. Louis registered dietitian Jennifer McDaniels, MS, RDN, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “If you’ve been sleep-deprived during the week, weekends are a great time to catch up. We know that sleep loss is connected to weight gain.”

We all know that weekends are for social gatherings. If you have an upcoming party or dinner with friends, it’s best if you plan out your meal. Check online about the restaurant’s menu. Not only does this promote self-control but it will also give you time to choose a healthy meal in advance. If you’re craving for a dessert, why not split it?

We saved the best for last – Mosanco Tea. This tea is designed to lower and slow down energy from entering the body. In short, reduces the sugar spiking effect. Make it a habit to drink Mosanco tea after overindulging in good food. Without excessive sugar, less fat is produced. Because of the reduction of fat production, your body will need more energy. This will then tick your body and start utilising the stored energy in your body, which will now burn your fats.

These tips will help you manage your food consumption and help you gain self-discipline. It is okay to indulge every once in a while, but don’t go overboard. And what better way to manage and control your weight is to consume Mosanco Tea. We’ve got special health boxes coming your way so keep your eyes peeled on this website!


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