Styling Up Your Personal Brand with ModeSugar

Our experience as working professionals, whether as a speaker, an executive, or even as a blogger, “personal style” has always been a delicate subject. This is probably due to our sensitivity to our image and appearance.

Taking great care of your style is essential, especially if you want to promote and communicate your authentic “personal brand” with confidence. Some neglect to groom themselves, as if forgetting that their “outer brand” can influence them greatly. They can come across as unprofessional – and being professional is what this society strongly accepts today.

Disclaimer – We are not preaching that society should set standards for you, but you should live up to a personal standard that will ultimately boost what you are going to give to society and for your business. At the end of the day, it is for yourself!

The first step to improving your style is to recognise the image that you represent. Ask yourself what makes you feel good, and match it with apparels you feel confident wearing. Here at ModeSugar, we are passionate when it comes to helping people feel good about how they look. What is on the outside aids the projection of what is on the inside. With our help, we can help you discover your style and the confidence that it entails.

You can play with what represents your taste, your lifestyle or r unique trait. Maybe you could wear a piece of antique jewelry or a neon accessory. Pick something that people can say, “Oh, that is her style.”

A style is a tool and you should use it to your advantage. We at ModeSugar specialise in helping people make these right choices by looking at all body types, encouraging you to lead a healthier lifestyle and show off your brand through your style. We would like to share our expertise and help people boost their self-esteem. You could associate us to fairy godmothers – we open ourselves to support you when you are ready to set yourself free to be who you aspire to be.

First and foremost, identify the contents in your wardrobe. This will help make sense of what you can wear on the daily. It also helps you visualise how to put everything together. Project how each outfit would look and switch it up with other pieces that you find in your wardrobe (once that is organised).

Once you have an idea of what you want, clear out your closet and get rid of the things you don’t want. Giving us a heads up that you can now attend to the next step, closet cleaning – or what people call, Marie Kondo-ing.

Dispense of all the items you rarely wear. Carefully analyse what should remain and what goes, leaving you both physical and emotional space. Hear it from us from ModeSugar, we will help you make room for your re-invented self. Through this closet purge, you can allow other people find their style by donating them!

Don’t worry, karma will bring more gorgeous clothes your way!

Now that you have room to welcome the new vibes, it’s now time for a shopping tour. We recommend you to the best city retailers, complete with discounts and VIP services to make this journey joyful. Friendly reminder, when going to stores, ensure that you are in your best condition – meaning that you feel ready to embark on this journey with no intent to hurry because darlings, you can’t hurry love, especially self-love. With your confidence game going in strong, you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Explore and look around upon entering. Get your eyes on everything, familiarise yourself with clothing and accessories. As you go around, write down your favourites and what you think would go well with the other. Don’t be shy and try them on. Make sure it fits you well, highlighting your best features and skin tone.

We at ModeSugar, want to empower you by making you feel your best. We work with fashion stylists that will highlight your features as our services are suited for all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages.

Yes! We celebrate inclusivity and diversity!

Invite us on your journey to celebrate your authenticity and uniqueness through style. We want to celebrate YOU! Get in touch with us here at today.


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