Tips on How to Hide the Holiday Food Baby

The holiday season is upon us, and we can’t hide our excitement when we think about festive food. If you have sneaked for seconds at the buffet; maybe for a larger slice of lasagna, an extra piece of honey glazed ham, or a chunk of the yule log and pecan pie, you don’t have to feel too guilty – though overindulgence may give birth to the appearance of a food bump.

Unfortunately, we cannot be ravaging on meals and expect a flat belly after. That is why we have listed a few tips you can take note of to cover your food baby!


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Let’s start with the lingerie and undergarments. Firstly, wear a bra that fits so that it gives you the right definition; no cup that ‘runneth-over’ or is there gaping holes filled with air. Also, consider wearing high-waisted underwear to keep your food baby a secret. If you’re thinking of wearing a bodycon dress, shapewear will save your day. It puts the rolls in, creating a tucked flat belly. It makes a lot of difference if you want to get away in a body-hugging dress.

You could opt for SPANX or Kim Kardashian’s new shapewear, SKIMS.

Shift dresses

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A shift dress is a dress (usually at the knee or above the knee level) at hangs straight down from the shoulders. It is not a fitted cut and usually gives out a minimalist vibe. The good thing is, shirt dresses are always in style, ever since Twiggy, famous supermodel in the ‘60s/’70s, made it a classic. Show off some leg is you’d like. If you don’t, it still looks chic with a nude, black or coloured stockings.

You can eat all you want and it will not show!

Ruched bodycon

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Okay, you’ve got a good body, but the problem is the food baby that appears even after a tiny meal! It is annoying, and you probably don’t like sticking to one fashion style. Well, have you tried the ‘most flattering dress of all time’?

A ruched bodycon is amazing because it hides your food baby and still gives you a good shape! It is comfortable because the fabric is stretchable and you can wear it any colour because it still has a slimming effect no matter the colour!


Dressing smart is one way to keep your food baby on the low. When you’re full, pulling and unbuttoning whatever you wear will make you feel uncomfortable. Try layering your apparel instead. Wear a cute low-cut oversized sweater on top of your glittery tank. Alternatively, you could wear a smart blazer during office functions to hide that temporary bump. You don’t need to walk into the party with your layers. Try hanging them from the shoulders like the typical style of Ariana Grande. Then, as you feel the food bump growing, wear it to cover the bump!

Now that you have read this, you are ready to shop for items you can wear during the festive season. If you feel that you are overindulging, then have Mosanco Tea ready to down after your meal(s). Mosanco Tea is a functional beverage that reduces the absorption of sugar into your system. When there is less sugar being absorbed, less fat is created. So girls (and guys), head over to and get your tea. No guilt, no shame – just a smarter way to look good and feel good!


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