No time for tea?

We spend so much time devoting ourselves to work often find ourselves running out of time with the 24 hours we have in a day. We focus on our careers, but neglect the fact that we need to take care of ourselves – especially our health and well-being. Studies show that 2,000 adults rarely ‘disconnect’ from the pressure of work and phones.

Some other factors that keep us away from taking care of our wellness include commuting to work, being a parent, and financial pressures amid the rising cost of living.

According to research, two-thirds of respondents run a lifestyle that do not involve time for their health and emotional well-being. The research stated that those who took the time only averaged at least 54 minutes a day. According to studies, there were difficulties in switching off, so a person is ‘mentally frazzled’ twice a week, on average.

So how do we break this unhealthy cycle?

According to Twinnings, taking longer tea breaks during working days, reading a book before going to bed, and putting our phones down help channel our centre, leaving us more relaxed, acting as a pause for our stressed-out lifestyle. Physical movements such as exercise and yoga can also help a lot in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Consuming food that is high in nutrients is also a great addition to our lifestyle. Enforcing a ‘no talking about work’ rule at home is a good practice that will make a positive impact on our lives. It subtracts the negative vibes and channels rest to your mind. Drinking tea is especially important if you work in a stressful environment.

However, there are reports that people cannot even make time for a tea break these days!

Which is pretty sad, because that was why tea time and tea break were invented in the first place.

But we do have some tea to spill that is good for your mind, as well as your body.

Mosanco Tea is more than your daily cup of tea. The tea designed to promote healthy carbohydrate absorption after meals. Manufactured in Singapore, it contains natural ingredients that can lower or slow down energy from entering your body.

What you have to do is make a cup of Mosanco Tea after lunch, bring it to your desk and just take a deep breath – breathe in and breathe out. Each time you breathe out, imagine the stress leaving your body.

Now, this exercise is good for your mind.

Then, sip on your cup of Mosanco Tea. The warmth will make you feel better. However, the goodness of it does not stop there. Expect it to work for your body. By reducing the amount of energy being absorbed into the bloodstream, you will not get that usual energy slump after lunch – which enables you to perform better at work.

Mosanco Tea works as a precursor toward a better and healthier lifestyle.

Tune in for more updates of the release of the tea subscription!


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