Halloween Hairstyles To Match Your Hair Colour

Halloween is near! Just a few days to go before the annual spook-fest. Pumpkins are carved, spider web designs all over the porch and cafés. There are so many exciting pegs to strut at the next Halloween party. But how would you look astonishingly scary or fabulously spooky with your hair colour?

Here’s a list of the Halloween hairstyle looks to match with your hair colour:

Platinum Blonde

Image from @chibmiu

For the pretty ladies rocking the platinum white blonde, there’s the queen mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones with her clipped hair to the back with low curls.

Image from @kariselle

Add some cute fairy lights to your Elsa from Frozen braid to add that extra pizazz.

Image from @teawithjade

What’s a classic look without Marilyn Monroe’s short blonde hair with beautiful blonde curls to the side.

Jet Black

Image from @laviedunprince

For those with raven black hair ladies, a classic spook-look is from the gloomy black and straightened locks of Morticia Adams of the Adams Family.

Image from @la_groovy

Strut a cute black cat-inspired look by using a backcombing technique to create two small sections at the back of the head, teasing them enough so they stand on their own, and setting them in place with hair spray.

Fiery Red

Image from @dudleybee

Match the best Halloween looks with your red locks with Barb’s short curly hair from Stranger Things with her favourite plaid and denim.

Image from @thesupermuse

Look extra sexy and va-va voom with Jessica Rabbit-inspired hair down with some big chunky curls paired with the bright sparkly heart-cut red dress.

Image from @juulianalopez

Try emulating Daphne from Scooby-Doo. All you need is a purple headband with a red-head smooth curvy hair, and you’ll be the perfect match to Fred.

Cool in Blue

Image from @claudinavc

Katy Perry with her California girl bright blue dye is a sure peg if you wanna look like something fun and yummy.

Image from @sillyspoonsweeties

If you’re feeling blue on Halloween, the best match is to be Joy from Inside Out, a way to turn that frown upside down!

Brunette Beauty

Image from @midebymide

Be a precious eye-candy with your brunette hair. And be as beautiful as Belle from Beauty and The Beast with her top bun and low-curled hairs.

Image from @scott.fischer.79

Look fierce by being Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games. Simply don your hair in a braid and leather boots matched with a bow and arrow.

Magical Unicorn

Image from @emilyboulinhair

What’s a costume without the popping colours. And since the unicorn hair colour has been trending for a while, the best thing to do with hair like this is exude the mermaid madness. Pastel-coloured hair can be styled with hair-braids so you will look mystical for the season’s festivity.

Highlight your gorgeous looks with these fab Halloween looks, don’t just be spooky, be extra pretty too!

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