Men’s Folio Celebrates an Epic 22nd Anniversary Party

Headlining acts and 500 gorgeous people celebrated the epic 22nd-anniversary party of Men’s Folio. Booze and beer were flowing all night long.

Guests were streaming in even despite the rain because let’s be honest, no one would pass up on this awesome party. As we entered Yang, the nightclub venue, it felt like entering the ‘Walk of Fame’.

The walls are lit for guests to strike their coolest poses. Some were wearing fresh-out-of-the-runway clothes from Tommy Hilfiger!

What’s a Folio party without showing off men donning luxurious fashion and living the high life? Styled and strut on the runway were some of the finest street-styles and looks.

Everyone clamoured to see how the new Range Rover Evoque looked like. We were given a preview of the alpha of SUVs. While everyone was celebrating the evening, the Folio team drove up Charlie Lim and his wife, Jeanette Adrianne Wee, and Alan Wee The Riverhouse in the Evoque.

Safe to say – yes, we were jealous!

One thing attractive about a man is how he smells. And what better way to complete the guests’ looks and swoon ladies than a fragrance booth! Acqua di Parma displayed their Signatures of The Sun collection, occasionally spritzing the scent on guests. We were also t educated on the ingredients that are contained in the bottle.

An alpha male fashion and lifestyle party is never complete without high-class booze.

That was why there was Chivas to amp up the night!

Guests were popping and downing bottles. The bar was serving up the spirit of the party, Chivas Regal Mizunara, a Mizunara oak cask-finished whiskey that was either mixed up into a variety of cocktails or served on the rocks. At the end of the evening, all the bottles were gone – summing up the memorable party.

A booze-full night could cause dry skin – but cheers to Lab Series as they came to save the day (from the night). They offered the best of the best, a range of products made especially for men. Their booth was a place of refreshment and recharge from the music, booze, and crowd.

Kudos to the dynamic duo that made the Folio party extra pumped – Alexander Yue and Robin Tiang. According to Men’s Folio, the duo got the script on the day itself, but were mad awesome in improvising!

Of course, we’ve got some kind words from the brains behind this party, Editor-In-Chief of Men’s Folio, Wilson Lim.

“Thank you to my team and everything for believing in us for over two decades. Please drink some more!”

The night continued with the coronation of Model of The Year and Designer of The Year.

Model of The Year goes to Ng Suyu, 1st runner up Aaron Lim, and 2nd runner up Yulong.

For the Designer of The Year we congratulate the winner – Jeremy Jiang, 1st runner up Khairyna Mazin, and 2nd runner up Doris Zhang.

Our very own CEO of ModeSugar, Roxanne Zhang, looked as gorgeous as ever. She was captured by Heart Media Group posing with Ayden Sng as they celebrated along the rest of the guests.

The party grew crazier as the night went on with music by local rapper Fariz Jabba, giving major fly moves on stage as he flexes his Tommy Hilfiger OOTD. And who could ever forget DJYANGANDDANGEROUS’ set?

Truly an epic night of celebration and we at Modesugar would like to congratulate Men’s Folio for reaching this milestone. Looking forward to next year’s night of men’s luxurious lifestyle and fashion.


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