Sweet Victory for Gwen Stefani, wins the Fashion Icon Award 2019

She ain’t no Hollaback girl!

Gwen Stefani swooned the people with her fabulous sartorial style and bagged herself E! People’s Choice Award for this year’s Fashion Icon Award, following last year’s Fashion Icon Award title-holder, Victoria Beckham. Both of them are fabulous women, empowering others to express character and personality through style.

The Grammy-winner and singer Stefani was announced as the awardee last Tuesday by E! People’s Choice Award, to be presented on Sunday, November 10 from 9 PM to 11 PM ET/PT.

According to the multi-awarded singer, “It is an incredible honour to receive this year’s Fashion Icon Award, as an artist, musician, and entrepreneur, fashion has always served as a creative outlet for me to express my personality and music.”

“I am so grateful to receive this award and continue to be inspired by those who stand apart and embrace their unique style and individuality.”

According to Jan Neal, General Manager of E! News, Live, Events, and Lifestyle Digital, “Gwen Stefani is a global music artist, whose unique signature style, and individuality has transcended time. She effortlessly evolved her success in music to fashion and beauty launching numerous popular lifestyle brands, and for all her many accomplishments.”

“We’re proud to name her our 2019 ‘E! People’s Choice Award’ Fashion Icon honoree.” Jan Neal added.

Stefani’s L.A.M.B boomed to mainstream success, with multiple shows at the star-studded New York Fashion Week. Spotted wearing iconic pieces from her line were Cameron Diaz, Sophia Bush, and Paris Hilton. Her brilliance birthed glamourous designs, matching up modern, aspirational and wearable pieces. Her style that leaned toward fashion-forward streetwear gained her a combined income of USD1 billion in retail sales!

The iconic Gwen Stefani and her fabulous style can be seen regularly as a current coach on the four-time Emmy award-winning competition program The Voice.

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