The fashionable crease: How to wear crinkle fabrics

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The fashionable crease: How to wear crinkle fabrics

We all want to leave the house looking neat and put together. That’s why when we see the slightest crease or wrinkle in our clothes, our first instinct is to smoothen it out. But this year, you can leave those folds alone because crinkled fabrics are back in trend.

It is a common misconception that crinkled fabrics are hard to style — they’re actually quite versatile and requires low maintenance. The key to successfully pull off this style is to choose the right colour and accessories. Here are some fool-proof ways to dress in crinkled fabrics:

Go for crinkled taffeta

Image from Harper’s Bazaar

Taffeta is a lightly textured fabric but there’s a way to play up the finish even more with crinkles and still make it look classy. Take it from Amal Clooney who looked stunning in her green Oscar de la Renta retro party dress at a recent event. Her green crinkled taffeta dress sported a mini hemline and a one-shoulder neckline, topped off with two oversized bows. It was an interesting experiment in proportions, perfectly cinched on the waist and accentuated with black tipped pumps. The key is to choose a crinkled design that can highlight your figure, using textures in the right places.

Opt for a crinkled bottom

Image from The Motherchic

Surprisingly, the crinkle effect looks just as good on bottoms, elevating even the plainest of looks. An article on Glamour suggests pairing it with bright colours, like Spring’s favourite yellow. It’s a good way to hit two trends with one very fashionable stone. Don’t shy away from making a statement, because you can always tone it down by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral.

Keep it casual

Image from Woman Within

If crinkles seem too much effort, the range of dresses on Woman Within shows how versatile crinkles are for everyday wear. Though simple and seemingly effortless, it’s still a few notches better than your typical t-shirt dress, and a head-turner nonetheless because of their vivid prints. Plus, the current designs soften the wrinkles to make it look more stylish rather than unkempt.

Be bold with neon

Image from Grazia

True to the maximalist styles taking over, many designers have decided to breathe new life into the crinkled trend by highlighting it in bold neon. London-based designer Rejina Pyo’s latest collection is almost completely dedicated to crinkled fabrics, using it on midi skirts, boxy shirts, and even bow bags. Each is distinctly decorated in shimmery hues of neon lime and orange — an exercise in “go big or go home.” Top it off with buildable statement jewellery, like the stackables we previously featured on Modesugar.

Mix and match

Image from ROMAN

Another good thing about crinkled fabrics is that they go well with other materials. Whether you’re wearing crinkles on your trousers or jacket, feel free to complement them with whatever clothes you already have in your closet. Denim, in particular, looks casual chic when paired with crinkles. Don’t forget to add a few chunky accessories or a pop of colour to complete the look.

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