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Switch to natural and organic products

With the discovery of unique and compelling benefits of organic and natural products, people are becoming more familiar with what they are putting their body and skin through. With increased awareness, there is an upturn in organic alternatives with regards to food and skincare products on the market. Here’s why natural and organic skin care should be a priority for you if you’re in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Better for Your Skin

If you read the label of an organic product, you’d recognise almost all the ingredients used in it. This is because they are derived from plant sources, mineral actives and other naturally occurring ingredients. You are assured that it will provide your skin with the nutrients in their purest form. They are free from harmful chemicals and additives ensuring that your skin only receives real nutritional benefits without any side effects. Many people with sensitive and acne –prone skin are allergic to non-organic ingredients used in mainstream skin care and beauty products. Since natural and organic products are free from harsh chemicals, additives and other bi-products, they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction, irritation and inflammation.

Organic and natural skin care products may not be as fast acting as synthetic products, but they are gentle and harmless on your skin.

2. Better for Your Health

When you apply synthetic skin care products, the chemicals used in them get absorbed into your bloodstream. Commonly used skin care and beauty products contain parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate – also known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Long term use of these products can cause serious health problems. Switching to natural and organic beauty and skincare products, will give you peace of mind. You do not need to worry about the side effects of these toxic chemicals. Organic products are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and bio-engineered genes. Natural and organic ingredients supplied by the earth have been used as skin remedies effectively for centuries. Sticking to naturally derived products can help to fulfill your skin’s needs and keep it healthy and glowing.

3. They Smell Better

When you use products made from organic and natural ingredients, everything smells natural. If you’re using a product with natural rose water, it will smell like roses. Unlike mainstream beauty and skincare products, no artificial fragrance is added. Many chemicals are added to a synthetic product to make it smell good. These toxic chemicals can be harmful to your skin and may trigger an allergic reaction. With natural and organic products you know what you are buying and what you are feeding your skin with.

4. They are Environmentally-friendly

Since organic and natural skin care products don’t contain harsh chemicals, there is considerably less waste and toxins coming out of them. Protect the earth by using eco-friendly ingredients, by which you will directly promote organic farming and manufacturing of cleaner products. Naturally, that will help our pursuit of a healthier and sustainable environment. As organic products are safe and harmless, they don’t need to go through animal testing. Therefore, when you’re buying cruelty-free products, you’re also protecting wildlife and their habitat.

So the next time you are in the market, look to natural and organic products. Invest in your skin today by switching to organic and natural skin care products, if you haven’t already done so.

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