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OOTD by @zorannah

Flowy, breezy, and fresh are just some of the words to describe Zorannah’s look. The beguiling factor in her outfit would be the stark contrast to the long blue skirt with the concrete jungle surrounding her. Indeed, it reminds one of the never-ending oceanic views.

To emphasise her skirt, she made the right choice to match it with a simple white top. It enhances the other features of her outfit such as the huge hoop earrings, baby blue skirt, and heels. On top of that, the colour scheme of her outfit also balances well with her somewhat platinum blonde hair.

UNIFORM WARES M40 Chronograph watch

You don’t only look smart with a watch on; it helps you look chic as well! The fantastic thing about our era is that there are many different types of watches to choose from: animal prints, classical designs, and so much more are available. Buying watches are always worth investing on, so don’t become too much of a scrooge on this one.

Cotton On Women The Crew T Shirt

A long skirt and heels ensemble might make you appear a tad overdressed on an ordinary day, so it would be best to partner it with a simple white shirt to prevent looking too fierce or formal. Especially on days that you want to feel comfortable, while remaining fashionable, the classic white shirt is something you can always depend on.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Ero Skirt

Psychiatrists say that blue is the colour to immerse yourself in when studying, and true enough, this hue has that calming effect on people. Since it is not as striking as red, this blue skirt will always feel refreshing to one’s eyes. To add, long flowy skirts are also a fad you should start getting addicted to!

Jeffrey Campbell Get Busy Strappy Sandals

The right heels are a woman’s best friend. If you’re in need of an instant confidence boost for that dreadfully nerve-wracking meeting, just put one right on, and it can make miracles to your confidence level. I’ve also known many women with a collection of heels in different colours; thus I suggest for you to invest in these heels as well. You never know what sort of occasion you will be getting an invite to. Therefore it’s good to have many choices when the time comes.

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