Caroline Wozniacki launches her personal cryptocurrency

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Caroline Wozniacki launches her personal cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are one of the more impactful discoveries in the technological space that continues to shape how we interact with the world around us and currently, there are more than 1,600 different cryptocurrencies in the market, each having their specific function.

Just when you thought there weren’t enough things to tokenise, along comes GCOX to change your mind. One of the more exciting developments regarding tokenisation, is Singapore based GCOX (Global Crypto Offering Exchange), the world’s first platform to tokenise popularity and fame to establish the first authoritative popularity index through the valuation of Celebrity Tokens by market forces.

Currently ranked the second in female tennis worldwide, Caroline recently made a deal with GCOX to create her cryptocurrency. Caroline is now the third sporting icon to join GCOX’s all-star roster. Boxing legend Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao is already ahead of the celebrity token game with PAC coin. Former star soccer player and Liverpool striker, Michael Owen had also recently come on board with plans of launching his celebrity token as GCOX appears to aid in the solidification of their popularity as celebrities.

With GCOX at the helm of tokenising fame and popularity, more and more celebrities are not too far from catching on to the trend. Wozniacki in an interview with news outlet Reuters said that she felt honoured for being the first female to create a personalised cryptocurrency token and added that she had plans of growing her token before other celebrities begin to introduce their own.

GCOX CEO, Sir Dr Jeffrey Lin expressed his excitement for having Wozniacki on board and said in a recent press release “We are delighted to be joined by such a well-rounded and multi-talented celebrity, and we hope to forge a fruitful and enduring partnership together, as we take GCOX to the next level.”

The GCOX signing ceremony is an excellent example of the subtle but significant change cryptocurrencies can make in the world, and Caroline’s partnership with GCOX is just the beginning.

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