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OOTD by @laureen

If there’s an influencer that everyone knows, it would be Laureen Uy, who have graced fashions shows across the globe. Together with her sister, they are known as two of the most fashionable Asian duos in our era. Laureen, specifically, is best recognised for her style that leans towards the edgy and trendy. How she looks in her current OOTD, Laureen’s fashion sense is a bit more unique and experimental than other fashion icons out there.

This girl could rarely be seen in pastels and too-girly clothes and would be often observed donning the latest atypical designer items. Shirt and jeans may look ordinary in other people, but because of her out-of-this-world red leather boots, Laureen looks like straight out of an editorial though she may just be strolling down a street.

To be hip, chic, and fashionable like Laureen, here are a few suggestions.

Dinosaur Designs Sand Hoop Drop Clip On Earrings

Go big or go home. Hoop earrings have always been a favourite of the Kardashians, especially Khloe, and we are entirely on board with that idea. Hoop earrings can match with any outfit, and on the upside, there are tons of differently designed earrings, so don’t be afraid to buy the unique one you see. Remember, being edgy is the key!

Cotton On Women Tbar Fox Graphic T Shirt

In grocery stores, movie houses, or anywhere actually, you can find that one person who is wearing a white shirt and jeans. This is probably the most favourite go-to outfit of anyone who has run out of ideas or just too lazy to think of any, and there’s nothing wrong about that. This is a classic, but just a tip—it doesn’t take too much of your time to choose clothes with more exceptional designs. Why not buy one that’s ripped, bejewelled, or laced?

Opening Ceremony Dylan Stretch Leather Booties

Ho, ho, ho! The spirit of Christmas is embodied in these shoes, as I am sure many of you are happy to add another leathered boot in your collection. Fall is filled with boots, so we highly recommend you purchase one that can distinguish you from the crowd.

BALENCIAGA black Everyday S leather tote

As far as bags are concerned, you should always have a black one in your collection. The best thing about black bags is that they can fit in almost any type of outfit, which means you can even use it every single day if you would like.

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