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OOTD by @probez

One order of hot punk princess, anyone? Like the unexplained desire for coffee some may have, this OOTD by @probez is just as addictive to look at. From any angle you observe her, her outfit is consistently like that of Avril Lavigne—always ready to be the queen of rock concerts. Though not in pastel, the good thing about her look is that she doesn’t lessen or lose her femininity.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing but about looking a little manly sometimes, but it’s a little bit harder to pull off that I-am-still-a-lady-look with blacks and whites. Even better, the sleeves of her dress, filled with stars, accentuates that there’s still fun and a somewhat soft feel to her outfit. Also, contradictions seem to be the key as she looks every bit the modern woman she can be in a seemingly classic and neutral environment.

If you want to look like a modern pop star like her, here are some suggestions.

Eugenia Kim Cher Leather Beret

This autumn, jewel tones are highly recommended to give colour to the otherwise dull-like and straightforward tones that are sure to fill the season. If you want to include a tad bit more colour to your outfit, this jewel-toned beret is the answer to your prayers. Despite being rather small, this item can be the focal point of your outfit if partnered with the right shoes and clothes.

Maje Rizone Lace Fit-and-Flare Silhouette

Nothing says punk rock like some good old black lace dress. We’ve said it before, and we are never going to stop saying it. Little black dresses are the essential fashion item a woman should have. There is absolutely nothing else in this world that can complement your body type and showcase your inner sexy as this dress can. To add to that, make sure it’s filled with lace to be in theme with the Rockstar scenario.

Sol Sana Dannii Stretch Booties

Oh, the ever-handy black boots! Boots are so essential in our time that there have been many different styles made for it. Some are combat like, while others are leather. It depends on your personality or mood for the day, so do not be afraid to buy more styles of these black boots. If you want to deviate from her style, wearing sneakers would still be in theme with your punk rock look.

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