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“Sex and the City” real life fashion moments

When the first episode of the mega popular series “Sex and the City” aired back in June 1998, nobody predicted that twenty years later it will still be as popular as then. This revolutionary show has made a point in history. The story about four independent women living and working hard to fulfil their desires in New York City has answered many questions about life. Topics like feminism and casual sex were ahead of its time as shown by the fresh portrayal of single women’s career on TV. The show’s take on these topics was new and interesting for the audience at that time.

Now, twenty years later, as we are repeatedly watching the show or at least some of the episodes, our attitude towards such topics is different – mainly because we now live in a different era. But one thing is for certain: the topics of fashion and sex have never been closer to us than they were then. In fact, the kind of fashion that was presented on the show did have a huge impact on the fashion industry over the years and still does today. While many would debate over whether you could really afford and survive buying extra expensive designer shoes with minimal salary as Carrie Bradshaw did, some iconic moments portrayed in the show are actually happening in real life.

Your boyfriend buying you a designer dress

It was the scene where Carrie was reading an article about a dress from Oscar de la Renta in Vogue to Alexandr Pertovsky, and the next day – voila! The dress was hers! For some of us, it might not be a designer dress, but it is still a dress!

Falling down in a public place

Remember the scene where Carrie walks in the rain and decides to stop by Dior? Well, as soon as she entered the store, she embarrassingly landed on her face. The similar situation – including Dior too – was reenacted by Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars as she fell down the stairs in a beautiful Dior gown.

Spontaneously breaking into a happy dance

The moment you find a lost thing calls for a happy dance. Carrie did it when she found her Carrie necklace at the bottom of her clutch. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it too!

Using the name of your famous employer or friend to score expensive fashion goods

If you do have a famous employer or friend, you must have done this before. Samantha did it by dropping Lucy Liu’s name to score a Birkin bag and she managed to avoid the 5-year-long waiting list!

Getting caught in the “who wore it best?” moment

For at least once, I’m pretty sure we all have been in a situation where we wear the same dress as someone else does. Samantha got herself in the same situation: at an official event, she wore the exact same dress as Miley Cyrus.

Sealing the deal with heels

It does not have to be a marriage proposal like Carrie’s and Mr. Big’s; it can just be a make-up situation. Heels are always a good gift to settle things down.

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