Kate Spade – the woman and the brand that made history

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Kate Spade – the woman and the brand that made history

Whenever a world-famous person passes away, the audience and the fans start to reminisce about the person’s legacy in the world. Last week, the world lost a big and creative name – Kate Spade, the iconic fashion designer. The passing of the designer came as a shock to many mainly because it was ruled out as a suicide. As soon as the public became aware of the psychological struggle that the designer herself had suffered, many celebrities expressed their condolences and urged everyone to seek help in times of need. However, it was too late for Spade. The world-famous designer of the iconic colourful bags was gone and the fashion world had one less big name contributing and creating in the future.

The story of Kate Spade started back in 1990s when she entered the fashion scene as a designer of bags. As a fashion designer and a businesswoman, Spade launched her own line of handbags in 1993 and opened a small boutique in SoHo. Her handbags were very popular because of their distinctive look and uniqueness. They were something new and fresh, and everybody loved them. It was that particular moment in the fashion industry that had turned things for the better: since then, the popularity of her handbags only grew bigger and bigger. The company expanded by selling its products to retail outlets and high-end stores. In 2006, the decision of the designer was to sell the remaining shares of the company and dedicate her life for her family – for raising her daughter. Few years later, in 2016, she made a comeback with a specific interest in accessories and a new brand “Frances Valentine”. In 2017, the brand focused on Minnie Mouse inspired purses, jewellery and phone accessories.

The most popular and iconic bag is the Sam bag. It is a classic hit that is adored by women of all ages. The boxy bag has evolved in its look over the ages and is now available in every size and colour, from neon pink to silvery gray. Her design legacy is summed up in these classic bags, with many versions of each over the years.

Emerson Place Sam

It all began with this bag: a boxy, black nylon handbag named Sam. It is a timeless bag that goes well with a casual pair of jeans and party-ready cocktail dresses.

White Rock Road Sam

Another iconic and all-time fashionable Sam is the White Rock Road Sam satchel. The polished ring handles make the design unique and original.

Watson Lane Sam

Another version of the Sam handbag is the Watson Lane piece. It has sleek edges that highlight the minimalist design of this well-known boxy satchel.

Through her bright and bold creations, Kate Spade had inspired her customers to live colourfully and to always strive for their goals.

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