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Westwood – a class apart

Many documentaries have been made on fashion industry legends, covering the most crucial parts of their struggle: how they did what they did, how they fought against all odds to rise above the occasion and eventually make their mark on the world. What we don’t see most of is how these people are outside the world of fashion. This seems like a ridiculous wish for a full movie made solely on the life of a fashion designer, but there’s something different about this particular one.

If you have not been keeping up with any news from the fashion world in the past decade, you might still be able to remember Vivienne Westwood from the gorgeous bridal wedding dress of Carrie Bradshaw in the famous TV series that won a billion hearts, Sex and The City.

The documentary based on Vivienne’s life focuses more on her personality and what she has given back to society. Vivienne is unapologetically fearless and strong, and has been a social activist for as long as anyone can remember. Standing up for all the important –isms, Vivienne has in very bold words told the world that she won’t let her voice stay silent. The opening lines of the documentary define Vivienne as PunkIcon, and Activist, which define her in a very simple and absolutely brilliant way. Vivienne has been known to stand up for what she believes in and all the right causes. She makes tons of bold statements and makes clear who supports her and breaks her silence with many bold stunts that have got her the respect she deserves.

We can’t wait to see how Lorna Tucker has captured the essence of Vivienne’s character in her documentary to truly represent who she is.

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