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Sleep well in ethical sleepwear

Fall into slumber with a clear conscience when you wear the comfiest loungewear that does not inflict cruelty on the earth. We are talking about ethical sleepwear. Often, our focus is on dressing where everyone sees – but hey, if you are looking to live a sustainable lifestyle that helps the environment and less fortunate, you should be doing that while you sleep as well!

That is why we are introducing these brands to you!


Image from VivaTerra

VivaTerra is a brand famed for sustainable bedding and bath, encouraging people to live an eco-friendly lifestyle at home. Consider getting this elegant pyjama set that is soft and comfy, made from viscose derived from bamboo and a little bit of spandex for moveable comfort. It is available in two colours – cream and black.
Why is this sustainable?
Bamboo made viscose is good because it is made from bamboo; a plant that grows at a comparatively fast rate (as compared to other plants) that it can be harvested sustainably.


Image from @moonbirdsunbird

This Australian ethical brand focuses on comfort wear that are made ethically, organically, vegan, free from AZO dyes and also practices fair trade. Yes, it looks into all the details so we don’t have to worry when we buy items from Moonbird.
They feature a collection of pyjamas sets that have pretty cute prints that make you want to snuggle in the whole day!
Why is it sustainable?
All fabrics are sewn by skilled workers that are treated well and paid well. All their products are also made from the softest 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Plus, all their prints are hand-pressed by Artisans!


Image from @sudaragoods

They sell the prettiest pyjama prints that make you think you could style and wear out! They come in cute camisoles with matching shorts for women. They also have ones in muted colour tones for men. And for children, they have the lounge pants that also carry gorgeous prints.
Why is it sustainable?
Every purchase of their products supports living-wage employment for those who are survivors of sex trafficking in India. The money is also used to train these women to do the work that pays.

Eternal Creation

Image from Eternal Creation

They have kimono wraps that are made from breathable 100% cotton that is fair trade. If these are not the perfect lounge-wear, we don’t know what is! It comes in funky prints that can spice up any morning – just putting it on will put you in a good mood.
Why is it sustainable?
All their clothes and accessories are made ethically from their fair trade certified workshop – The Visible Tailoring Centre at Dharamshala, India. You can pay a visit to the centre have a look at how things are run. The core values are based on fairness, sustainability and fun!

The Ethical Silk Company

Image from The Ethical Silk Company

Sleep luxuriously in all things silk with a collection of silk items from The Ethical Silk Company. Their collections have different sets of prints made from block-printing in assorted deep or pastel colours. Each pyjama set is perfected with French seams, mother of pearl buttons and natural ivory piping.
Why is it sustainable?
All their items are tailored by a Fair Trade tailoring unit in Jaipur, India. They follow a strict protocol that protects the employee and the environment. Dyes used for their block-print are also low impact, AZO-free dyes. All water used in this process is also treated and recycled.
Not only that, The Ethical Silk Company donates 10% of the profits to charity.
No moths are harmed in the process of making the silk. They use mulberry silk production that extracts the silk from the cocoon after the moth has vacated it.

If you have been looking for a good pair of loungewear, don’t hesitate to go ethical with your purchase. Instead of supporting the big brands that “have it all together”, opt to be the solution to have something going for the underprivileged while saving the environment at the same time!

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