A fresh perspective from Dior during Paris Fashion Week

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A fresh perspective from Dior during Paris Fashion Week

‘Respect diversity and nature will set us free’, was Dior’s runway analogy for Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2020.

Christian Dior’s fashion designer and creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri opened the Paris Fashion Week paying tribute to take action to the climate crisis. Chiuri had her passion for fashion and nature married during this splendid showcase. It became an advocate to help fight the current environmental state, reminding the audience to be cautious of the environment’s resources. According to Maria, “Christian Dior loved gardens. Flowers are part of the heritage of Dior. But when I see flowers and gardens now, I see all the concerns about our future, and the need to take action.”

So, Maria asked herself, “How can we celebrate nature in a meaningful way?”

Image from @dior

This question birthed the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Dior collaborated with Coloco, Paris-based collective urban landscapers and enthusiasts for green spaces, whose philosophy is to “facilitate active exchange between citizens and nature” through communal gardens.

Image from @dior

164 marvelous trees tagged with its origin and future destination were set up as a temporary grove and the stage for the collection. The ‘show trees’ came from different parts of France, Germany, and Italy. It will be planted in different parts of Paris, as well as on Base 217, the former Air Force base in Brétigny-Sur-Orge.

But the muse to Chiuri’s design for the collection is Catherine Dior, sister of Christian. Miss Dior was a resistance fighter and concentration camp prisoner who emerged from World War II.

Catherine became an acclaimed gardener and botanist.

Due to her postwar woe, she literally grew her way out of this through growing wildflowers and roses. Devoting herself to her plants, she became the first woman in France to hold a professional license for wholesale floristry.

Image from @dior

Designs from this collection were astounding! Chiuri classics featured pants slouched from a dropped crotch to boxy jackets.

There were also floral dresses with high necklines, long sleeves with winsome transparency. With the collection’s nod to nature, footwear was grounded to the earth – with logo-printed espadrilles flat to the earth and eye-catching hiking boots. Forget-me-not blues were featured on the men’s apparels, defined with skillful tailoring.

Image from @dior

The collection featured fabrics from Haute to humble looks. Sweaters with flower intarsias incorporated pieces of real flowers were breath-taking!

The ’80s look also made an appearance on the runways with the bleached denim ombré pieces and acid wash. Intricate designs were composed on the dresses – printed, embroidered, appliquéd, filigreed – in lace, raffia, jacquard, tulle and silk, interwoven and layered the fascinating pieces.

Maria Grazia Chiuri added that the message of the show does not reflect the current state of the fashion industry, with its alleged contribution to the damages of the environment.

Maria included that “it appeared essential to me that this legacy is addressed with a new perspective” pertaining to her muse, Catherine. She also added that “flowers and plants don’t serve an ornamental purpose, they are our environment. We have a commitment to care for them, today more than ever.”

The blooming of this perspective in the industry is a definite eye-opener and the results of this are beyond remarkable.

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