Pure nostalgia for Fresh Prince fans as Will Smith releases dope Bel-Air Athletics

Now, this is a story all about how, this jacket was flipped, turned inside out!

Recently, Will Smith took us back to the ‘90s as he released an apparel collection called ‘Bel-Air Athletics’. It was inspired by the sit-com ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ that aired in 1990, a story about how Will Smith (also his character) lived in Philadelphia with his mom and because he got in trouble, he had to live with his wealthy Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil in Bel-Air. With his fun and cool vibes, he got into fun-filled moments with his friends and cousins, Carlton and Hillary. Sadly, the show got canceled after the fourth season, but the hype lives on!

The release of the apparel was seen on ‘Ellen’, a few weeks back. Then, Will released it officially on his Instagram post as he models the line himself. After the release, the items were made available at www.shop.willsmith.com.

Image from @freshprince

The fresh looks from the collection will bring you back to the ‘90s. Apparel features the iconic reversible school jacket that retails for USD 95. Pants that match the jacket with the classic interior design retail at USD 80. A comfy and soft hoodie with matchy pair of shorts is also included in the collection, priced at USD 60, and shorts for USD 50.

For women, the hoodie retails for USD 60 and shorts at USD 40.

Image from @freshprince

It doesn’t stop there! There’s also a heat-reactive tie-dye tee with the young Will Smith as the Fresh Prince basketball hunk retailing at USD40. Also made available is a tee in various colours (black, white and gray) with a big-headed caricature of Will Smith playing basketball in a uniform that sells for the price of USD 30. The awesome thing about this is that the colour of Will’s uniform changes from white to gold when exposed to sunlight!

So if you think that this jacket and the whole apparel is a for you, shop at www.shop.willsmith.com. And if you want to get more fashion updates on the hottest drops in fashion, subscribe to www.modesugar.com today!


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