Best Halloween makeup looks on Instagram

The season of horror is upon us and we know you’d want some inspiration to get the party started!

Forget crazy costumes because gorgeous makeup is better – and scarier too!

We scoured through Instagram to bring you FIVE different looks you can be inspired by (and test out) before the end of the month arrives.

Just so you know, Halloween is at the end of the month!

The Celestial Unicorn

Image from @laratilley

Purple and pink hues make this gorgeous look! Though you won’t scare anyone with this face art, think about how many compliments you’ll get. You could wear a pink tulle skirt and a white tube top… oh not forgetting a unicorn horn hairband and voila, you’ll be a little girl’s dream come to life!

The Jessica Rabbit

Image from @abbyroberts

Always wanted to be a sexy siren? Or are you are already known to have that sex appeal? Then Jessica Rabbit would be your spirit animal (in the cartoon world). Channel that into your Halloween look and you’ll be slaying hearts around the block!

The Stained Glass

Image from @hollierose.mua

Objectifying yourself is only allowed during Halloween. Here, why not be a gorgeous stained glass window like the ones we see in traditional churches? If you are an architect or a designer by profession, you might just dig this look! Mix geometry and colour – you can even wear colour block dresses to go with this look, but do ensure the colours are thematic, of course!

The Joker

Image from @alina_evgrafovaa

It’s scare time! Jump on the hype by masking yourself with this Joker inspired makeup. We agree that it is quite scary – scarily good as well! The eyes are quite easy to copy but you’d have to buy green hair spray to ensure the look is almost identical.

The Environmentalist

Image from @khaleesiisaa

Don’t go out during Halloween without making a statement. If you love the environment (if you don’t, then you should), dress up for a cause. We love this artistically drawn polar bear on the forehead that instantly tells everyone about the state of our ice caps today that are starving the polar bears.

Which look are you most likely to emulate? Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


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