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OOTD by @lisahomsy

Spring and autumn are in perfect coordination for @lisahomsy’s OOTD. The pastel pink of her outfit reminds us of the daintiness of summer, plus her nature-designed skirt and hat have the same feel as well. If you think that her outfit is out-of-season, then you are surely mistaken!

Her sweater still falls under autumn’s most coveted items with its excellent knitted design. Indeed, it is fantastic when an influencer such as her can be creative enough to make summer hues trending during the colder months of the year. From this OOTD, we can already see that you shouldn’t put your summer outfits away yet. Some of them can still be used to make you an IT-girl this season!

Want to have an outfit as bright and playful as @lisahomsy?

Well, here are some ideas!

Na-kd Off Shoulder Knitted Sweater Pink

You do not need a man to make you feel warm this season; you need a pastel-coloured knitted sweater! Although the shade of pink in our influencer’s OOTD is a beauty, I also recommend other pastel colours such as light shades of blue and green. This may seem like a tad boring compared to jewel tones, but pastel tones are already in contrast with Fall colours; so you will still look different (the right kind) from the crowd!

Classy Pleated Knee-Length Skirt with Palm Print

There are many types of skirts that have a natural feel to them, so don’t worry if you cannot find the exact item in the OOTD. The key to still having the perfect OOTD is not only the confidence but also matching the right shades for both your top and bottom. I suggest wearing a skirt with a dark greenish hue to compliment and exemplify your pastel top!

Axel Arigato Detailed Clean 90 Sneakers

There is just something so intoxicating with white sneakers! Having a clean pair of sneakers is just what your outfit needs when you need to wear shoes that would not steal the spotlight from whatever else you are wearing.

Brixton Joanna Hat

The best thing about straw hats is that you can purchase them even in the local marketplace! Whoever said you need to spend so much to look like the fashionable woman that you are? Well, to finish your spring-inspired outfit, you may use this straw hat, which will perfectly complement the hues of your clothing.

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