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OOTD by @flamcis

In this day and age, there are many different types of clothing that you can mix and match, in contrast to the 1800s. To be able to attract a crowd, you should be able to combine various genres, which is what our latest influencer did in her OOTD!

Although her dress is quite simple, she managed to create an extraordinary ensemble by adding that knitted sweater of a unique greenish hue and those pair of shoes that are not generally worn with these types of dresses. Her outfit says many things, giving us the feeling of being chic, yet remaining sporty. Who said rubber shoes only belonged with tracksuits, anyway?

Want to have a smashing outfit like hers? Here are some tips!

Mes Demoiselles Jecko Knitted Cardigan

There are many different types of knitted cardigans these days, so make sure to choose one that is different from the norm. Some knitted cardigans are more feminine, while others can even pass off as rocker chic, so take your pick! I recommend jewel-toned cardigans since these go well with simple dresses.

Cotton Citizen Ibiza Dress

What’s so good about body-hugging dresses is that they emphasise your curves! By being simple in design, it gives way to the other aspects of your OOTD, which can be layered necklaces, uniquely-designed cardigans, or out-of-this-world shoes!

ASH chunky sneakers

If you are not aware yet, rubber shoes are the latest must-haves of most fashionistas! From Kanye’s collection to the Adidas Stan Smiths, today’s influencers already have them in their closets. And, why shouldn’t they? Rubber shoes today can even pass off as high fashion if you see Kim Kardashian wearing them. Plus, don’t they look good with anything you wear?

Le Specs The Flash Sunglasses

Is the sun too bright for your eyes today? Well, all you have to do is wear your favourite shades to not only protect you from the sun’s powerful rays but also fill in the missing ingredient to your chic outfit. If there’s one thing we learned from Devil Wears Prada, it would be that sunglasses can make anything, and I mean anything, look chic!

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