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Ready, set, shop: Shopbop online sale

Yes, that’s right!

This. Is. Not. a. Drill.

You heard it here first. Our all-time favorite online shopping store, SHOPBOP, is treating their loyal consumers to a blast with a maximum of 25 percent discount for their purchases! Ready your credit cards, internet connection, and fingers, for your success, depends on the speed you can get the best of the best fashion items right into your shopping bag!

To join in the fun, all you have to do is input the promotion code, and voila, 20-25 percent in a jiffy! So, don’t delay and dawdle too much; otherwise, your dream item just might get snatched right under your fingertips.

Promotion Code: STOCKUP18
20 percent OFF for total bill under USD 500
25 percent OFF for total bill of USD 500 and above

To make your search for that dream outfit easier, we’ve narrowed down some of our personal favourites from the current collection:

Jill Jill Stuart Short Sleeve Gown

Although a vast array of colours are available at Shopbop, Ruby red ensembles are such feasts to the eyes that we are a 100% sure they are the first to be sold out. The shades of red never appear too much and could intoxicate onlookers as much as real wine would.

Endless Rose Striped Midi Dress

Been saving on stylish fall outfits? Well, your budgetary concerns are no more as this sale brings you closer to those dresses you deemed to be too expensive just a couple of weeks ago. The shades of maroon, deep ocean blue and light brown can finally be adorned by your body, while you save a few hefty bucks.

Saint Laurent SL 181 Lou Lou Hearts Sunglasses

Hoard all the shades that you want, since these are good for all seasons. From jewelled sunglasses to rainbow-coloured ones, your choices are almost limitless. The day sunglasses will be considered out-of-style would probably never happen, that is, unless Anna Wintour herself quits wearing them, so buy as much as you can!

There are more unique accessories, smashing #GirlBoss outfits, and regal dresses in the website, so feel free to go wild in exploring, mixing and matching outfits, and just plain hoarding. Everything on the site is practically a steal during this sale!

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