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OOTD by @genelleseldon

Afraid of looking less feminine with your white sneakers? Well, this look is perfect for you to look glamorously female even with the most boyish sneakers you can find! Whoever said you can’t look as delicate as a flower without your high heels?

Get ready to slay your picnic dates, bike rides, or just a movie night with this look! The non-patterned idea this style gives enhances the features of the wearer herself with her oozing and great curves, while the sneakers provide the look with a somewhat down-to-earth feel. Because the dress and shoes are light-coloured, you may also opt to bedazzle by accessorising with statement necklaces or tiered earrings! Go and get creative!

LIKELY Abbott Dress

All girls must have this go-to mini dress in their closet since it can be worn for all occasions! When you are having a lazy day, this is the perfect outfit to just put on in a jiffy and still look fabulous. If you’re worried about being too dull, you can also easily spice this dress up by wearing statement accessories, partnering it with a leather or leather jacket, or any other ideas you can think of. The key idea is to be able to make this dress embody your unique style!

Joshua Sanders Zenith Lace Up Sneakers

If there’s one thing that never runs out of fashion, it would be your everyday white sneakers. These sneakers have proven time, and again that comfort can also mean style, as many of the IT girls in Hollywood can be easily spotted to be wearing them. From your Kardashian sisters to Malibu barbies, white sneakers are a must have for long walks, date nights, or whatever occasion honestly!

Although we love Genelle’s look, you can also partner this dress with heels or flats at more formal occasions, like a date in a five-star restaurant!

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