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OOTD by @roya_nila

Every summer has at least one chilly day when the weather feels like autumn. So, that is the day when your outfit needs a quick change so you always need to have some things at hand. This is the look by Roya Nila (IG: @roya_nila) is appropriate for that type of weather, and certainly for when you will be stuck in a chilly air-conditioned room for long hours. The black leather jacket is always in and goes with almost every style. Paired with ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots, the day look you will have will present a rock vibe. Under the jacket, you can always choose a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt, just in case the sun decides to come out again. The all-black look allows a purse in some other colour that will bring freshness and remind you that it’s still summer!

Worn Look Leather Jacket NA-KD Exclusive

The black leather jacket in an evergreen piece that never goes out of style. This version is more accessorized and more modern than the regular one. The buttons and the belt give a feminine and fashionable vibe for every young woman. It even suits the fluffy airy dresses.

Black Jeans Iva Nikolina x NA-KD

The ripped jeans are an absolute hit many years in a row, and they come in many models, shapes and colours. This black skinny ones, with ripped parts on the knees, are the perfect match to the black leather jacket. The combination is strong and trendy.

Stine Lace Singlet Rut & Circle

To divert from the motorbike and rock style, choose a silk top that has a lace on it. It creates a contrast that is more than stylish and looks fabulous. The top is pretty itself so it can be worn without the jacket, just tucked into the jeans.

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