Do you have these 8 essential pieces in your closet?

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Do you have these 8 essential pieces in your closet?

There are certain pieces of clothing that are essential in every woman’s closet.

The necessity of them comes out of their most basic look, colour, an occasion they are intended for and the possibility to pair with other garments. Even though fashion constantly changes, these 8 fashion pieces have never gone out of style and remain to be the basic things you need. Why, do you ask? Well, they are so essential that they will come in handy in more than several combinations and can work in both casual and formal occasions. So, check if you do own these pieces:

Cotton On Women The Crew T Shirt


The short-sleeved white T-shirt is maybe one of the most iconic clothing garments. It has been present on the fashion scene since forever. Some people sleep in it, some workout in it, and some style it for every day. It goes with everything: jeans, shorts, skirts, under a dress, with a leather jacket. The options are endless.

Cotton On Women Rebecca Shirt

Sometimes the occasion will ask for a more formal look. If you do not know what to wear, then the white long sleeved buttoned down blouse will come in handy. It is an elegant and basic piece, that will give the proper dose of elegance and formality. It is usually styled with trousers or a pencil skirt, and with a matching blazer if you really want to look more corporate.

Supré The Skinny Denim JeanDark jeans

Jeans are like the white T-shirt – they NEVER go out of style! The darker denim, though, is the colour you should be having in your closet because it makes you look slimmer and it is a better option for all the seasons. Jeans are the piece of clothing that you can wear absolutely everywhere – well, except on a wedding or some extra formal occasion.

Firo Striped Blazer

Having a blazer will always be useful when you want to upgrade your look fast. One in a black or navy blue will do the work because it goes with many clothing pieces and those colours never go out of fashion. Style it with trousers pants or a skirt for work, or shorts and high heels for a night out.

Boat Neck Dress

The little black dress – a piece that every woman must have it. It is mainly for semi-formal occasions, which means you can style it with pumps and flats. Mini purse and a scarf will complete the look.

Cotton On Women Hannah Soft Mid Trench

If there is one fashion piece that needs investing in, then that is the classic trench coat. The beauty and usefulness of the trench is known world-wide and this is a piece that will keep you warm in the spring and in autumn. If you live in the tropics, investing in a trench coat is best for those who frequently travel!

Rubi Piper Laser Point 

A girl can never have too many shoes, but, have at least one pair of a super comfy flats that will make your days and nights comfortable. The colour choice depends on you. Flats are an excellent choice when you don’t feel like wearing heels and some flats are thin enough to chuck into your handbag for those days when your feet are swollen or tired so that you can whip them out and change your heels for a comfy pair.

Bloomingdale’s Women’s Margo Italian Patent Leather Pointed Toe Pumps 













Last, but not least important, is a pair of elegant point-toe high-heeled nude coloured pumps. They go with absolutely everything and can be worn for both formal and smart casual occasions!

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