Taking the pajama party to a whole new level

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Taking the pajama party to a whole new level

Wearing pajamas in the daylight as normal outfits trended one or two year(s) ago, giving rise to the popular “I woke up like this” lazy girl look: super cute messy hair, sassy makeup, some sunglasses, heels or sneakers, and of course, the pajamas. Pajamas are insanely comfortable – well, duh, that’s pretty much what the game is about – and the fascination with casual-and-comfortable look has taken to the streets now.

Pajamas are designed with comfortable fabric-like cotton or linen that does not only keep you cosy all day but also look super cute! If you are heading out to the mall this summer, you will see many different types of stylish pajamas with flared shirts and, of course, the infamous striped lining – who could possibly forget those! If you are not a huge fan of the stripes, you can also find many other prints like polka dots, stars or cutesy animals, such as teddy bears, cats, and dogs… honestly, the choices are endless. These breezy and airy trends are possibly the best ones yet since everyone can wear them, afford them and love them!

Like this oversized striped blouse that looks absolutely stunning. You can pair it with your favourite boyfriend denim, trousers, skinny jeans or ripped denim, or even a denim short – any combination will look gorgeous.  You can even wear these with palazzo of the same stripes design to give your outfit that whole-pajama effect. There are really quite a lot of possible ways for you to play around with these items and accessorize them to make your outfit more trendy and more “you”.

These pajamas are comfortable, trendy, soft, smooth and so cosy you’d want to sleep in them! Get your hands on one today!

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