Is 2018 Carrie Bradshaw approved?

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Is 2018 Carrie Bradshaw approved?

From the year the show first aired to the day the second movie was premiered, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte of Sex and the City have reigned over the hearts of millions across the globe. These goddesses are not only witty and sarcastically funny but also flaunt their style unapologetically. It is because of them that today the obsession with high-end fashion and the glamorous eccentric matching of jewelry and dresses even exist.

Sex and the City has not only made the fashion industry a centre, but also really glamourised how fashion works and how brands and designers do what they do. The success of this iconic show was followed by TV shows like Gossip Girl that capitalised on fashion and high-end brands to reflect the essence of the show and its characters.

If you are someone who have been a die-hard fan of the show, it’s impossible that you don’t know of @everyoutfitonsatc on Instagram. This account posts pictures or articles related to the stars of Sex and the City and provides detailed discussion on how their fashion would be if the show was still running. The account even reflects how their outfits might have gotten a little bit out of style but their fashion sense would remain on point. Carrie Bradshaw was probably the first character on TV who knew how to let whatever she wore – high end or not – to shine in its entirety. The fame that she has today is definitely due to her ingenious fashion sense and sharp thought process.

Even though it has been two decades since the show first aired, fans all over the world still believe that even a premium gold credit card would not be able to buy what Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte had. And even if these four girls had been here in 2018, they would have still rocked the busy New York streets.

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