Ten apparels to buy if you love Gorpcore

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Ten apparels to buy if you love Gorpcore

Gorpcore is the new and evolved term of ‘normcore’. Normcore term was used for unisex fashion style and the trend is usually distinguished by ostentatious and un-fashionable looking clothes. Normcore style clothes are worn by both men and women, making them a unisex style.

While normcore fashion is for unisex, gorpcore influence menswear more. Gorpcore is the newest phase of fashion around the world. Gorpcore fashion is inspired by outdoors style clothing, like windbreakers, parkas, puffy jackets, fleece jackets. Gorpcore fashion is basically about camping and hiking gear fashion style clothes but it has taken over our everyday fashion life, and both men and women can be seen sporting them around the streets.

Gorpcore predicate the hypothesis that nothing is more stylish than clothes that aren’t stylish at all. ‘Unfashionably fashionable’ is the perfect term for gorpcore style clothes wearers. ‘Ugly pretty’, ‘mountain chic’, ‘camping glam’ are some of the words used to describe gorpcore fashion style. Here are the top ten apparels to buy if you love gorpcore fashion:


1. PUFFER JACKET: Puffer jacket is an absolute must-have jacket staple! Complete your camping look with a warm and comfortable puffer jacket. They have a vast range of colour, sleeveless jackets and different cropped cuts.

2. WINDBREAKER: Windbreaker is a lighter version of a jacket. They are lightweight and are made up of some synthetic material. They provide excellent resistance against light rain and wind chill. Stay dry with the windbreaker in rainy and windy season.

3. FLEECE JACKETS: They are versatile and lightweight jackets. They provide style, performance, comfort and premium insulation. They are made up of polyester synthetic wool polar fleece. They have a zipper instead of buttons. They are not weatherproof so that they won’t keep out rain and wind like the windbreaker.

4. TRACK PANTS: Track pants are sporty and stylish pants made up of cotton or polyester. They are mainly for comfort and athletic purposes. These pants were once only used in sports events and but now they are available in many fashionable styles, and people are wearing them in public. Track pants are also a significant fashion style statement in gorpcore.

5. LOGO T-SHIRTS: The gorpcore trend is all about the logo and graphic t-shirts. Pantagonia is a famous brand of gorpcore t-shirts.

6. HIKING SANDALS: Hiking sandals are now a great and comfortable alternative for regular boots for summer hiking. Both men and women wear hiking sandals. Teva is a famous brand to buy hiking sandals.

7. BIKE SHORTS: Bike shorts or cycling shorts are short, skin-tight legwear. They are mostly used for cycling and provides efficiency and comfort, but now people wear them commonly in summer.

8. TRACKIE SHORTS: Sports sweat track pants inspired trackie shorts. They are perfect athleisure wear. Nike and Adidas are famous brands to buy trackie shorts from.

9. JUMPSUITS: A jumpsuit is a one-piece attire. Jumpsuits were a somewhat unusual fashion, initially used for parachuters but it later became a fashion piece and brands started making it with different prints and styles.

10. PARKAS: A parka is a coat with the hood with fur-lining or faux fur. They are thick enough to protect us from the elements of a cold weather, but now they are used in temperate city’s climate.

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