Know what Meghan Markle wears, your job depends on it?

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Know what Meghan Markle wears, your job depends on it?

The British royal family has always been to known to fully immerse in traditions, from their etiquettes to what they wear – modest dresses, skirts hats tiaras, etc. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, isn’t held back by convention to don the pants.

The newest addition to the British royal family might come as a breath of fresh air to the world. Both her persona and style bring a certain excitement reminiscent of her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. There is a current fascination that’s led the media to cover her every messy bun, deleted social media account, and J.Crew purchase.

Amanda Dishaw and her co-editorial director Christine Ross, who collectively ran a blog named “What would Kate do?”, saw the growing interest of people in Meghan Markle’s fashion, started a blog “Meghan Mirror” which strictly documents every detail of Meghan’s daily wear.

According to these bloggers, the audience is not limited to just royal watchers, they also included people who find Meghan as an inspiration, consisting mostly of half minorities and African-American who consider her as their representative.

Amanda and Christine started their blog when rumours resurfaced that Meghan and Harry were dating. “When the engagement announcement came out in November, traffic was just off the charts, and I don’t even know what the growth percentage was.” Amanda declined to give the actual number of hits they received post-engagement but says that millions of women worldwide have seen the website.

Now “Meghan Mirror” has a team of 17 people including stylists, and their sole job is to identify the designer of the clothes the Duchess of Sussex is wearing. “We can generally have items identified within minutes of her wearing a piece, and we can have a post up within 15 minutes,” said Amanda.

A lot has changed since Meghan Markle came in the picture of the royal family. The “Meghan Mirror” team also identified the change on how the official account of royal’s “Kensington Palace” now adds fashion credits. This was first done when Meghan’s took her first step out for her engagement. Christine stated that “It was quite unusual.”

Though Markle has broken a few fashion rules from a royal perspective, the bloggers consider that to be one of the best – and most relatable – style lessons for their readers. “With Meghan, there is never a perfection that can’t be attained by just anyone, and a lot of our readers have gravitated toward her because she is down to earth. She’s not perfect,” Amanda says. “She’s personable, and that’s translated through her style.”

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