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How to wear a fanny pack

Gone are the days when wearing a fanny pack was considered a fashion faux pax. Now, there are different ways to rock that bum bag. Score major points by styling your fanny pack in the coolest way possible.


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Fanny Pack 101

Image from @mokuyobithreads

Before going into the how-to, it’s best to first answer the what-is.
What exactly is a fanny pack?
Called a bum bag in the UK, this ultra-convenient bag is worn around the waist. It is meant to hold various articles ranging from car keys to passports (hence its popularity among tourists). It’s called a fanny pack because the bag is meant to be worn facing the rear side, right above the buttocks. Since fanny is slang for one’s backside, people started to call it a fanny pack. However, it was soon discovered that wearing a bag in such a way puts the person in danger of being pick-pocketed and it also makes it difficult for one to access the contents of the bag. This is the reason why most people wear the fanny pack at the front.

Rock it

Image from @burberry at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020

Finding that the fanny pack is a super convenient way to store small articles, many designer labels took the chance and packaged it as a high-fashion piece. They started giving it fancy names such as belted satchels, belt packs, or hands-free bags. Pretty soon, fanny packs became something of a fashion statement. Now you can rock it by learning how to wear them in style. Here are some of the ways:

Image from @miyukicrochet

1. Identify the material you want. If you want to stand out, the rule of thumb is to go for unique fanny packs. There are leather, straw, cotton, PVC and polyester bags. Pick on that suits your lifestyle. Turn heads with an eye-catching fanny pack made from quality materials.

Image from @emmatomth

2. It is important to know WHERE to wear your fanny pack. Leather bags are perfect to be worn on the waist – paired with high waisted skirt or pants, with the bag slightly on the side. Straw and fabric ones look excellent at mid to low waist still with the bag slightly on the side – never in the middle. If you are carrying a bright nylon fanny pack, sling it over the shoulder.

Image from @shopstarbag

3. Style with style. Go full-on stylish and let the fanny pack be the finishing touch. Consider donning a classic plaid, a cool-coloured jumpsuit, a leather jacket with torn jeans or even a long voguish coat. Wearing an on-point outfit will naturally elevate the look of your fanny pack. Don’t, however, head out with cycling shorts and an oversized-T with a fanny pack – someone might mistake you as a street bum.

Image from @fendi Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

4. From material to colour, you’ve got to play it up in the mix and match department. A classic black fanny pack can work well with almost anything. You can go for an exquisite brown shade progression with a leather bag over a classic plaid. White on white (or any monochromatic colour theme) is an ultra-chic combination. You can also mix a pastel getup with a sudden neon fanny. Make it work if you know how to creatively mix and match.

Image from @ragandbone at New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020

There is absolutely no reason to frown upon belted bags. By knowing how to wear a fanny pack in style, you can take advantage of such a trendy piece that is as functional as it is fashionable. Fear not the fanny pack!

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