Eyeshadow styles on the Spring/Summer 2020 runway

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Eyeshadow styles on the Spring/Summer 2020 runway

Fashion Week premieres more than just clothes and shoes and bags. It’s in the hair and the nails and the makeup. All of this creates THE look that the designer wants to express. No detail is left out.

In light of this, we want to shed a light on notable makeup trends that made it to the runway and discuss how we can look into achieving these runway looks off the runway. One trend that is permeating the runway this season is COLOUR! Nude has left the chat and next year will be a year streamed in technicolour.

Jason Wu

Image from @jasonwu

Blush – blush all the way to your eyelids is what Jason Wu is telling us. Not only that, we spot brights at the lower eyelids being blended effortlessly blush coloured brow bone, leading to the cheeks. It is like using the blush as a highlight, bringing two parts of the face together. Easily achieved? Hell yeah. We know Fenty has got a number of colourful blush that could amp this look easily.

Christian Siriano

Image from @csiriano

Colour is not limited to the eyelids anymore. Let it zoom past your brow bone to your forehead. Of course, we don’t suggest you go crazy with it or else you may look like a clown off the runway. But note this, duo contrast colours! Open up your shadow palette and take two contrast colours and paint your lids.

Anna Sui

Image from @annasui

Summon the artist in your because it is time for art to be manifested on your eyes. Moving on from the crease eyeliner trend is to add some other designs to make your eyes pop. Anna Sui’s doll-like models are sporting eye-art using coloured liners.

LaQuan Smith

Image from @laquan_smith

Go bold with a single metallic lid. Cutting-edge fashion is still current today. Moving on from metallic lips is the metallic eyes. Apply your base colour and then add a cut-crease with a metallic finish that ranges from warm to cool colours depending on your outfit.

Oscar de la Renta

Image from @oscardelarenta

Use vivid colours to emphasise your wing. No liners are needed but it is compulsory that you use bright colours akin to rainbows and stretch the colour past your lids to create an illusion of longer, brighter peepers. To level up the look, remember to add a little colour on the lower lid as well.

So, which eyeshadow looks will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below. But remember, don’t be afraid to play with colour!

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