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Fashion for the cause of empowerment

When big brands, heritage and social causes converge, the end result is collaboration on a substantial scale – The Charles and Keith x Woven Special Collection, where 20 percent of proceeds will be donated to the women behind the scenes.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Charles and Keith have collaborated with Woven; a social enterprise co-founded by Trish Lim in 2016, with the mission of crafting greater opportunities for Filipino artisans while uplifting the lives of craftsmen and women alike through the traditional craft of Banig.

Unfortunately, it is quickly becoming a dying craft in the Philippines, in part due to the insufficient wages weavers earn from their work, and the knowledge of weaving being lost across generations.

“We wanted weavers to continue the craft of weaving and earn more from their livelihood” – Trish Lim, CEO and co-founder of Woven.

However, Banig has met its knight in shining armour in the form of social enterprise Woven, which aims to not only revitalise this Filipino heritage but to also empower the women whose livelihoods revolve around it.

“Before woven was here, life was very tough. But our lives have changed for the better and I’m never without work because of the continuous orders.”- Mary Fe Pacalan, Woven.

Woven has given a breathe of new life for the women of Basey, as not only are they now able to earn a decent living from their intricate craft, they’ve also been given the opportunity to acquire new skills outside of weaving.

“I was able to attend management trainings, wherein I learned how to effectively manage our association.”- Angelyn Y. Nillasca, Woven.

Slowly but surely, Woven is making a positive impact towards the lives of women in the Philippines; allowing them room for more than just self-improvement and empowerment, but also endowing them with the ability to make a positive change within their communities.

At PINC, we echo the sentiment of empowerment and providing a livelihood. Hence our dedication towards building a platform that allows users to create authentic content and get remunerated for it, without relying on advertising.

Find out more on how you can support the cause and purchase your very own Banig bag by visiting Charles and Keith.


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