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OOTD by @mynextwanderlust

ROCKSTAR HIT – Our featured OOTD influencer this week @mynextwanderlust is singing a throwback tune with her 80s inspired rocker look.

Read on for similar inspired pieces for you to emulate your own David Bowie persona!

River Island London Bright Orange Faux Suede Biker Jacket.

Blood Orange Leather Jacket

This blood orange suede biker number will add a succulent touch for you to hit the stage with its bold pop of colour. Bright and juicy, this piece will shine the spotlight and get your fans begging you to take a selfie!

David Bowie Tank Top.

David Bowie Tank Top

What better way to channel your inner diva then to project one of the most groundbreaking rock-stars of all time? Throw on this David Bowie tank top and you’ll be on your path to becoming as monumental as he was for the music industry.

Paco Rabanne Leopard Miniskirt.

Paco Rabanne Leopard Miniskirt

Not only does it make you look like you belong with the Regina George clan in Mean Girls, but this Paco Rabanne Leopard Print Miniskirt will elevate your rock-star identity and place you right on the cover of a Rolling Stones album.

Cloverpost 1971 Necklace.

Cloverpost 1971 Necklace.

Finally, to add a slight hint of femininity, dazzle on this delicate gold pendant necklace to close up the backstage scene and make your way over to the main arena!

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