Top 5 fashion resolutions in 2019

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Top 5 fashion resolutions in 2019

New year, new you? Well, let’s be honest. Whether you’re trying out a new lifestyle, holding on to good habits, or staying away from bad ones, changing your ways can be pretty tough and doesn’t come in an instant. But here’s one thing you can always improve on—your wardrobe!

Today we give you our top five fashion resolutions, be it from having the latest jewellery pieces, scoring limited releases, or maybe opting for vintage clothing!

And after all that holiday fuss, you must be tired of shopping by now, right? Nope, we didn’t think so. As we share some fashion resolutions to elevate your style according to tide-changing trends, remember to always choose a style that best matches your personality!

1. Start Wearing Jewellery

EF Collection 14k Gold Pave Diamond Zigzag Stack Ring

A lot of people say that even a watch, regardless of its design, is considered a piece of jewellery. Wearing an aesthetically pleasing watch can bring great happiness and upgrade the look of whoever wearing it – where according to this year’s prediction – personal branding becomes more important as ever. Just remember to select the right pieces depending on the occasion!

2. Get Thrifty

Ever heard of fashion for less? You don’t need to shed out more bucks to get the best clothes out there. Now, if you’re planning that out-of-town trip this year, it’s best to do some thrift shopping and check out Refash, one of Singapore’s largest online shop selling pre-loved bottoms, outerwear, shoes (some with tags still attached) from high street stores and local labels.

3. Fringe for 2019

leRumi Maisie Mini Dress

Show off that body with pride and confidence by wearing fringe dresses. Did you know that fringe is going to be huge this year? Even the most prominent Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, and Gwen Stefani are seen roaming around the red carpet and award shows in this trend!

For casual days, you can also choose a fringed cardigan or perhaps a matching bag to accent your ensemble.

4. Neon is in

Line & Dot Neon Alder Sweater

The fashion forecast says that this year will be all about neon and bold colours. Although this might sound overwhelming, there are plenty of ways to style neon clothing. First, you can wear a neon garment from head to toe, or you can choose to pair it with a white or dark-coloured neutral. A neon coat or button-down blouse can also be a perfect match!

5. Fancy Flats

Sergio Rossi SR1 Slingback Flats

Flats are a new comfort! Score some of the most elegant flats in the market today without having to sacrifice style. Plenty of women out there are opting for flat mules because it’s comfortable, versatile, and easy to slip on and off.

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