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OOTD by @hangtw

Hang is looking fresh, sporty and hip in her recent OOTD! During these winter months, it’d be best to wear the comfiest clothes to keep the cold at bay and a statement sweater that is #trending would be the right way to go!

Extreme layering is the style that top designers are going for, so having a comfy jacket on top of a sweater is a look all streetwear enthusiasts would die for. Plus, streetwear is increasingly popular these days, with famous artists such as Justin Bieber being photographed wearing them.

Let’s help you get ready with our favourite items to rock a cool OOTD just like our influencer of the week!

Double Trouble Gang Uh-Huh Honey Sweatshirt

Sweaters are just lovely to wear, don’t you think? They’re comfy with no frills attached, perfect for lazy days! If you plan to layer, add a turtleneck underneath or a jacket over it. Just make sure you colour match well enough to avoid clashing shades!

Nili Lotan Bertina Pants

You may opt to wear jogger pants as well, but it’d be good to match your activewear with these Bertina pants too to chic up your OOTD — just the right length to show off your ankles and a flattering cut that accentuates your legs.

ONE by The Very Warm Alma Puffer Coat

It’s 2019 and plaids still rocks! A jacket in this pattern, such as this Alma puffer coat, is unique and understated, even when thrown over one shoulder!

Axel Arigato Genesis Sneakers

Up your sneaker game with this pair of beige sneakers from Axel Arigato with blue accents, a street look that will make you stand out among the crowd. With a creative pair of footwear, don’t be afraid to flaunt it everywhere you go!

Linda Farrow Luxe Linear Optical Round Glasses

Eyeglasses = nerdy? We think not! This optical round glasses are as sexy as you can be, without showing off too much. Who said you need prescriptions to wear these? We say go all out and add this accessory to your outfit!

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