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OOTD by @chinchinobcena

Adding a dash of creativity can create a smart casual ensemble like what Chinchin did for her #OOTD!

She cleverly combined long sleeves, grey trousers, feminine sneakers, and a peach cardigan to wrap up her overall look. It can be tricky to look stylish yet remain casual, yet she did effortlessly here.

Want to be as chic as Chinchin and steal her look? Here are some similar finds:

Tory Burch Madeline Cardigan

A pastel cardigan adds the dress-down point of view to a smart outfit. This pink knitted cardigan from Tory Burch looks best worn over white and also features a button on its placket with a front slit pocket too!

Vince Slim Fitted Popver Shirt

Believe it or not, you can nail any casual and smart casual look if you opt for a white top. Get experimental with your choice of pants, whether it be wide-legged, slim cut or even jeans! Your best bet will be a waist length top cut to fit the body perfectly.

Joie Kenadia Pants

Speaking of pants, there’s no better way to highlight your sneakers than choosing the right cropped option for your smart casual wear! This Joei Kenadia pants features a side stripe for an 80s look and is perfect to stride in to your next power meeting.

Keds Rifle Paper CO Sneakers

If you’re in an ultra-funky or creative workplace, try to mix and match your footwear in contrast to the colour of your outfit. For example, blue heels for a pastel yellow dress or red boots with a classic brown ensemble. However, to match Chinchin, go for something fancy and feminine like this Keds sneakers with floral laces. Just beware of going over-the-top floral with your overall look or you might end up looking like granny’s curtains!

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