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OOTD by @nicole_andersson

Aren’t you just absolutely electrified by Nicole Andersson’s latest OOTD? The colour coordination and especially the magnetic blue coat will make all passersby take a second look and swoon.

The most wondrous thing about her outfit is how well the different items go together, and how she emphasised her coat by making the rest of her outfit downplayed. Simple, yet elegantly stylish at the same time would be the few perfect words to depict her outfit, which solidifies her role as one of the fashion influencers we follow.

If you want to look as fashion-forward as Nicole, here are some ideas.

Yumi Kim Park City Faux Fur Jacket

If there is something we do not see every day, it would be a sapphire-coloured coat that is as pristine as the deep ocean floor. As we’ve mentioned, the best way to wear this coat would be to match it with a simple top and bottom, thereby ensuring that everyone’s focus would be on this lovely coat! If you want to look a little bit more dainty, you may also match it with a plain white dress.

Three Dots Ribbed Turtleneck

One great thing about black is that you could wear it on almost any occasion, and it will always make you look slimmer. To add, it will also match with any bottom in existence: skirt, jeans, or shorts? Go ahead and wear it, you don’t have to think twice when you wear something as neutral as this!

Skinny Raw Hem Jeans Blue

Comfortable jeans are our favourite thing to wear during lazy days, but it does not mean that you cannot wear it to look like the IT girl that you indeed are. With the right top and accessories, you could look like you came from a photo shoot, even with just jeans on!

Yuul Yie Glam Ankle Strap Heels

Heels have a way of making a woman’s legs look longer and for some reason, your legs sexier as well! The key to having a good night when you wear this, however, would be to pick a comfortable one too. Being stylish does not necessarily mean that you have to be in pain. And, we also recommend you to buy at least one pair of white heels, something that you can quickly match different types of OOTD.

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