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OOTD by @kerifay

If there is one thing we love about history, it would be the classy, fashionable ladies from the 1800’s. Without showing too much skin, those ladies could still steal the spotlight and leave a deep impression on onlookers wherever they pass by.

Seemingly inspired by the elegant looks from our ancestors, @Kerifay’s OOTD looks are sophisticated, graceful, and stylish. Her long skirt, in particular, is the highlight of her whole outfit with its lacy design that makes her look straight out of a painting. From going to garden parties, brunches at the hotel, or a fundraiser, this outfit will be the perfect thing to wear!

Brixton Audrey Beret Hat

We have always associated the French with the word fashion, and the beret is just that-the product of a French genius who wanted women everywhere to be chic from head to toe. Berets come in many different colours and designs, but if you’re going to stick with the classic look, we recommend beige, white, or black berets.

Big Chunky Knitted Sweater White

This season is filled with coats and sweaters; therefore, you should choose wisely when wearing a sweater, just in case it looks a little bit too festive for your taste. Like in her OOTD, you can never go wrong with a white knitted sweater; thus this could be your saviour when you are running out of ideas!

Miguelina Carina Skirt

Although the other aspects of her OOTD were understated, it was only to emphasise the beauty of her long skirt with its lace and ruffles at the edges. What we love the most about this white skirt is that it gives us the feeling of purity and bliss that is reminiscent of the old days.

Double Ring Belt

It is good to put an accent to your colour scheme; otherwise, it may just look a tad bit too dull for other people’s tastes. In an all-white ensemble, we recommend adding a hint of brown, grey, or black to inject a little bit of fun to your outfit.

Diane von Furstenberg Nori Mules

White mules would be the personification of elegance at any given day! If you are looking for the perfect pair to wear to that royal occasion you received and invite to, this will be the answer!

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