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OOTD by @filipajackson

Filipa Jackson’s OOTD combines activewear with jeans, which creates an exciting ensemble. The best thing about her outfit is how well the articles of clothing go well with each other – the striped sleeveless tops go well with the pants that have circles on the bottom, and the red sunglasses also compliments the top.

Having a well-coordinated OOTD like hers can do wonders on how you want to present yourself. Be it as a dangerous, chill, or girl-next-door type of woman, your outfit says a lot of things about you, and in her case, she produces the feel of being fun and creative.

If you want to wear a Filipa Jackson-inspired outfit, well here are a few tips for you.

Metal Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses Red

A pair of sunglasses adds another element to your OOTD, so take your time in picking one that will make your outfit look more memorable. We suggest choosing sunglasses that have unique shapes and shades since this will make your outfit pop.

Skin Narcissa Bodysuit

What all girls love about tank tops is their ability to exemplify your curves, especially if it is a body suit. The simplicity of its design assures that you can experiment a bit more in other aspects of your OOTD, plus it is also pretty comfortable to wear.

Cubic Jeans with Embroidery Detail

A pair of jeans is a girl’s best friend on a hard day’s work since it will ensure that you can look stylish and comfortable all day long. But, just a caution, do not choose jeans that you can see just anywhere. Wear one that has a certain uniqueness to itrips, patches, or stripes will do.

Kenneth Cole Women’s Kam Lace Up Sneakers

Most influencers we have covered so far has an extreme love for white sneakers! And why not? White sneakers are comfortable to match whatever type of outfit you are wearing. You may be in a dress, shorts, or plain jeans, and white sneakers will still look good on you.

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