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Molton Brown: Countdown to Christmas

Ho, ho, ho!

It is finally the season to be jolly! While everyone is busy finding the perfect present that will make their loved ones’ hearts leap with joy, Molton Brown has taken the next step to assist you with your search by categorising the possible presents you can give – holiday limited editions, gifts under USD 80, gifts for the home, and many more.

All you have to do is head to their website to see the full collection or click here.

Here are some gifts we thought your loved ones would be glad to receive.

Embracing Hand Cream Set

If there is something we always use, it would be our hands. Therefore, everyone would love to receive hand creams this Christmas to ensure that their hands stay healthy and smooth despite the work we put them through on a daily basis.

Muddled Plum Bath and Shower Gel

Who does not love to smell sweet and nice after a long relaxing bath? This muddled plum shower gel will surely impress its recipient with its aromatic and addictive smell.

Exquisite Treats Cracker

If you want your special someone to have many different shower gels to choose from, this set of fiery, fruity, and floral fragrances is the right present to give. The best thing about this present is that the recipient will be able to try different types, from fruity orange to dewy lily, so he or she will not get bored of the scent quickly.

Vintage with Elderflower Festive Body Wash Bauble

Here is a classic that anyone would love to use, an elderflower body wash bauble. From your mother to your youngest brother, the fragrance stands true to the test of time and is suitable for all; thus this would make a perfect gift for a gift exchange session.

Festive Frankincense & Allspice Hand & Candle Set

Another gift set that caught our eye would be this hand wash and candle set that will warm your loved one’s senses. With this set, there is no need to go to a spa anymore as this putting this combination together will relieve all your stress in no time.

These items are just a sneak peek of Molton Brown’s collection, so explore the site as much as you can to find that perfect present.

Just a reminder- Christmas is just around the corner! Snag the deals while you can before they’re all gone and you are back to square one, trying to decide what to buy.

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