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OOTD by @tippytoess

Chic and stylish are the two perfect words to depict her entire look!

From well-coordinated tones to the contrast of the minimalist shirt with the bold-coloured blush pink blazer, @tippytoes looks like she just stepped out of a Vogue photo shoot. Most girls have trouble looking professional and womanly, instead of girlish, when they don pink tones, however, this look made it look feminine with a tad of maturity. Even Elle Woods would be proud to wear this outfit in the courtroom!

To have a similar look, we have narrowed down some suggestions for you.

Cotton On Women Tbar Fox Graphic T Shirt

Be it your typical blue jeans, shorts, or skirts, everyone’s favourite white shirt can always be the perfect match for it. When you want to look casual and comfortable, you can always count on this as your default choice, especially since many trendsetters like Kendall Jenner have made minimalist fashion stylish. It is also better for you to complement bold tones with whites, nudes, and blacks to prevent you from appearing too multi-coloured, and God-forbid, outlandish.

Tibi Steward Blazer

In sync with the bold colours currently dominating the fall season, every girl should purchase bold-coloured, ornate-patterned, and plaid items to spice up their OOTDs. If you prefer solid-colours to fancy-patterned clothes, this solid-coloured blazer is the right choice for you. This will make you appear different from the crowd, more daring, and fierce, like the girl boss you’ve always aspired to be. Trust us; power suits are not limited to the blacks you see in the movies!

Brixton Audrey Beret Hat

Not only French painters look cute in these kinds of hats, but all outfits appear incredibly better with berets on! This fashion item may be the secret ingredient missing from your head to make sure you look glamorous from head-to-toe, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little, and add this to your seemingly “just-right” look. Compliment it with seamless eyewear, and you’re ready to go for that sunny day out.

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