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OOTD by @patriciahenson

Patricia’s OOTD embodies the spirit of this year’s fall season, with hues of earth colours and that striped blouse.

Speaking of her striped shirt, she made the right choice in choosing this set of colours since they match her skin tone well, and it produced the effect of being carelessly beautiful.

Wearing stripes automatically prevents you from looking dull, and heaven forbid, too plain! Even better, the hint of orange in her outfit feels refreshing to the eyes, which is not tasteless, nor does it appear a bit too much. To complete her outfit, it was only right that she wore a long gold necklace to make sure that her neck area doesn’t seem too bare.

Milly Nia Bow Top

We love stripes so much that we could dedicate a whole post just for this! When done right, stripes can be the essential item in your OOTD. Depending on your mood, you can choose earthly colours, bright unicorn colours, or one of our favourites, #LoveWins colours! Wearing stripes can immediately brighten up the room you are in, and it would be best to match them with plain colours to prevent looking too colourful, making you look straight out of the latest Care Bears episode.

BB Dakota Veni Vidi Vici Vegan Leather Miniskirt

Don’t limit your skirt choices with the typical denim skirts, and instead explore a varied range of colours. In just the nearby coffee shop, you can already see a bunch of women wearing skirts of black, white, and denim. But, only a few would be wearing brown skirts. If you want to stand out from the norm and still look stylish, you can consider wearing this shade or other shades such as navy blue, red, or even pastel pink.

Cloverpost Stipple Necklace

One of my personal favourites to wear as an accessory would be long-chained gold necklaces. It just adds that classy look any outfit needs, and you can also layer different designs. It’s really fun to experiment with pendants of different sizes, so don’t be afraid of running a little crazy with your ideas.

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