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OOTD by @lexiconofstyle

Are you ready for some fun out in the sun? This OOTD by Lexiconofstyle can be mistaken as something straight from a fiesta! The colours, design, and combination of all articles are just purely creative that you cannot help but smile when you pass by her. Even if I am seeing her for the first time, I will be a teensy bit mesmerised, since she automatically becomes the centre of the crowd with her outfit idea.

The main thing that differentiates her outfit from others would be the black and white design for her dress, something that looks like it was only customised for her. Plus, although it is black and white, it still in theme with fall due to its nature-like patterns.

Laulhere Smiley Embroidered Beret

This is not the first time we’ve seen our favourite influencers wear a beret this season, which cements the fact that berets are the new caps everyone should be wearing for fall. There are many ways to style your beret, so don’t just put it on in a typical way!

VETIVER Bahama Mama Dress

Black and white appears too gloomy? Well, your worries are gone as long as you choose a pattern that is not only atypical but pleasingly to the eyes as well. We recommend a nature-designed model to assure that you will fit right in the theme of fall.

DORATEYMUR strappy block-heel sandals

There is nothing like the good old white heels to make you look as classy as Kate Middleton herself. Seemingly pure and dainty, the beauty of this pair would be that its subtleness emphasises your beguiling dress, whatever design it may be.

Prada Round Sunglasses

To complete your look, do not forget to accessorise. Some girls have dozens of shades in their collection-sometimes, even different colours of the same design. It is no question that sunglasses are every girl’s secret obsession, so if you haven’t started collecting yet, I advise you to invest in these beauties soon! You can use them for years and years to come!

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