6 movies that will make you scream this Halloween

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6 movies that will make you scream this Halloween

Tired of the typically dull horrific stories you were forced to watch when you were younger? Well, worry no more, because we will be providing you with the best of the best scary movies across the millennia!

For those of you who would rather stay in-doors than trick or treat, or who want to have a block screening at the comforts of your home, here are some of the horror movies that will keep you awake for days.


All nineties kids feared one thing and one thing alone, the good old doll, Chucky! If you are into serial killers, then this movie should be at the top of your list. In this story, the soul of “Lakeshore Strangler,” a famous serial killer, was transferred to a Good Guy doll to avoid death and to continue his maniacal acts forever.


Another classic, The Shining will surely rip your heart to shreds. In a seemingly ordinary hotel, a once loving family can end up murdering each other because of ghostly influences and the “shine,” so you better ready your blankets when the killing starts getting too intense.


There’s nothing more thrilling than a priest/exorcist trying to beat a demon out of somebody’s body. In this movie’s case, you get a bonus of a new hearing for the said priest, so if you are into some badass exorcising and legal drama, then this one is the perfect movie for the season.


If you are a fan of Anabelle, then this one will fulfil your most wicked nightmares as well. The Exorcism of Emily Rose, this movie is all about possession and how to fight it. Not only that, but this movie also features a good backstory and strong familial love.


Unlike the previous movies, this movie is focused more on intense killing by a great underwater beast, a shark to be more specific. This shark has one insatiable hunger for human bodies; thus no one is safe to swim in the beach anymore. It appears in the middle of nowhere, so you better keep your eyes open for signs of its appearance in the movie.


You better hide your fears well less; IT haunts you with your wildest nightmares! This movie was one of the most creative horror movies of the millennia, with a clown, a traditional favourite of any child, as an abductor and terroriser of children. With a gang, whose friendship will make you cry for days, to combat a monstrous abomination, you will not waste your precious time by watching this movie.

There are many more horror movies that will make your hearts skip a beat, but this list is what we recommend to guarantee that boredom and non-ingenuity will be out of your system this Halloween.

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