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OOTD by @beneluxe

Look fresh, charming, and stylish like her with your typical cropped top, denim shorts, and all-time favorite vans sneakers! For days in the pier, picnics, or other endeavors that may entail a day out in the sun, bask in the sunlight with this breezy outfit to make sure you don’t get too sweaty and remain comfortable in your skin. Some people may deem this as showing too much skin, but not to worry, choose a cute girly top to soften your look, like @beneluxe! To also assure that your outfit screams fun, don’t forget to accessorize with layers of different-sized necklaces. This particular ensemble of gold appears pleasing to the eyes, not too gaudy, and compliments well the dark hue of her top!

MUGLER Cropped Top

Girls who love cropped tops would kill for a top like this one! Unlike the usual body-hugging cropped tops or plain coloured tank tops, this type of cropped tops adds a different layer of a feminine feel to your entire outfit. Far from being over-the-top, this top is a nice complement to many different body types, and it can be partnered with skirts, shorts, or pants. Honestly, why would you hide underneath all those layers, when this top can help your body look like #goals?


A favourite summer staple, this pair of denim shorts is what all girls love to do to beat the heat in the summer! High-waisted shorts are the best way to hide your tummies and flaunt your amazing flawless legs while maintaining a fashionable look. To add to that, almost anything can go with this pair of shortscrop tops, polo shirts, plain blouses, name it, and it’ll still look perfect with this pair on!

MCM Extra Mini Stark Coated Canvas Backpack

A personal favourite of mine, mini backpacks can make any, and I repeat, ANY, outfit looks cute! Without looking childish, this type of bag allows the user more freedom with their arms and complements her whole look.

Moschino Contrast Leather Low-Top Sneakers

Another classic that never lost its appeal, these sneakers are a fashion favourite by all girls due to its cool design that says Chic! This pair of sneakers are so useful that you can match them with pants, shorts, or skirts and still look stylish!

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