Stylish work outfit inspirations for this summer

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Stylish work outfit inspirations for this summer

Dressing in summer is always fun – the colours of the outfit are brighter and there are plenty of styles to mix and match. However, not all summer clothes are appropriate for the work environment. Work outfit requires a dose of elegance and formality that are often in contrast with the cheerful and playful summer vibes. In general, semi-formal and semi-casual summer outfits are the safest to wear to work. With this style guide, you can easily step up your summer work outfit game following our recommendation for the most stylish, modern and, most importantly, work-appropriate fashion items. Here is an ultimate list of work outfits that can help you dress better to work this summer.

Oversized shirt with matching midi skirt

The shirt-and-skirt combination never goes out of style. But let’s forget the classic combination of crisp white blouse and pencil skirt – upgrade your look with a shirt and midi skirt from the same fabric or material instead! This combination will deliver an elegant, fancy and stylish working women look. It can be paired with both high heels or flats. If the colours of the outfit are rather pale or neutral, go for bright-coloured footwear to balance it out.

Floral jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are very trendy this summer. They are easy to combine and wear because you only need a suitable footwear on top of them and you will be good to go. This floral jumpsuit, for instance, has an elegant and modern vibe that will refresh your look without a doubt. To ensure that your printed jumpsuit is not too loud for work, the prints and colours of choice should be casual and natural. You can always be safe with black-and-white or black-and-navy for a start.

Striped long-sleeved T-shirt and matching pants

Work outfit is commonly neutral in colour, but you may want to bring some colours in your work outfit during summer. Wearing bright-coloured outfits shows that you are bold, ready to take on challenges and, obviously, have a good fashion sense. Remember the phrase “dress for success”? Experimenting with colours in your outfit makes you stand out from the crowd and able to leave lasting impressions on the people you meet. To get you started, you may try wearing different shades of green to work. The colour green is calm and natural. It is also creativity-inducing – perfect for entrepreneurial women who are not afraid to take risks and always ready to think out of the box! If you don’t feel comfortable wearing all green, you may choose a striped top to match your green pants.

Multicoloured graphic shirt and white layered ruffle skirt

Days at work are not always the same – some can be busier than others, while some can be more relaxed. On days that are not so packed with appointments, you may channel your playful summer spirit through multicoloured clothes. To balance out the fun mix of colours, you may want to go with something simpler such as this ruffled and layered white skirt. It is a clean and elegant choice that usually goes with everything.


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