Fashion bloggers who have taken the internet by storm

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Fashion bloggers who have taken the internet by storm

As there are more and more fashion blogs on the Internet today, a lot of fashion bloggers are getting more competitive in providing the highest quality content to attract more followers. Fashion blogging is a task that can only be done sustainably by those who are fashionistas at heart and aren’t only in it for the money. In fact, to these bloggers sharing about their favourite fashion items and trends is passion and a way of life! Here are our top picks for fashion bloggers who have made the Internet a more fashionable place.

Girl With Curves by Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha runs an all-in-one beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog called “Girl With Curves”. By doing so, she has redefined plus-sized fashion for the community. Not only does she give great fashion advice, but her makeup tutorials are amazing too! She has an additional “Dear Diary” section in her blog where she speaks about the struggles faced by plus-sized women. Without a doubt, she’s been an inspiration for all of us to follow! In addition, she has a “motherhood” subcategory under her lifestyle category which depicts how beautiful the journey of motherhood is.

Harper & Harley by Sara Crampton

For those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, this blog should be on top of your list. What makes this blog different from others is that the owner of this blog only features minimalistic looks that are incredibly hot and fashionable. If you love all-black, all-white or all-grey outfits, the content that this blog offers will definitely suit your taste. She also has an adorable puppy whose pictures are uploaded under the “personal” section. This, too, is an all-in-one blog featuring beauty, health and fitness, outfit and lifestyle sections.

What My Boyfriend Wore by Sergio Ines

This blog focusing on men’s fashion was Sergio Ines’ ex-girlfriend’s idea. However, Sergio Ines has been successfully managing it on his own. What sets this blog apart is the “drinks” section where Sergio reviewed a number of the most sought-after drinks. Other than that, he also features fitness, travel and food in his blog.

GabiFresh by Gabi Gregg

This blog also aims to encourage plus-sized women in fashion and make them feel comfortable in their own skin. Gabi designs and sells swimsuits for plus-sized women and each collection is always sold out. Other sections in her blog include beauty, lifestyle, videos and news. by Kyrzayda Rodrigues

This blog is run by Kyrzayda Rodriguez. She stands out from the crowd due to her iconic hairstyle. She has a unique “coffee break” section where she features herself in different outfits on a coffee break. Other than that, her blog also has sections on lifestyle, OOTD, fitness, beauty and travel.

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