Bikinis for every body type

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Bikinis for every body type

As summer is finally here, it’s time to up your swimsuit game. Get the best bikinis that suit your body shape and be ready to show off at the beach! Each body type is unique and different bikini styles suit different body types to different extents. Understanding these differences will help you find the best bikini for your next trip to the beach!

Here are a few bikinis according to the body features they complement:

Small bust

If you have small bust, you can look for bikinis that contain ruffles at the top. The ruffles make the small cup size looks bigger just like a lift-up bra does.

Large bust

Large bust generally needs more support and bikinis with thin strings will not do the job. Bikinis with wired uppers and better support are what you should be looking at.

Big butt

Big butt can be very hard to manage in two-piece swimsuits because you may find them too revealing and uncomfortable. The trick here is to look for bikinis that give you more coverage in that area so that you will feel more confident and thus comfortable.


High-waisted bottoms are what you should be looking at to do this job properly. They are meant to redefine the shape of your hips and flatten out the folds, thus giving you a leaner appearance.

Plus-sized body

This body type looks best in sporty and supportive bikinis that have a high-waisted bottom and offer some coverage in between.

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