Be bold and daring: Feel free to break these fashion rules!

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Be bold and daring: Feel free to break these fashion rules!

Knowing how to dress well according to the latest trends requires top-notch skill, art and ability. As we are now close to social media like never before, we have the latest fashion trends and style inspirations at our fingertips. Expert fashion styling requires sound knowledge in combining colours, deciding what goes with what, careful thinking of how to match the prints and considering many more basic rules. However, looking at the recent fashion trends, you can actually set aside these rules and be more liberal in expressing yourself through your outfit. This summer, we challenge you to try pulling off the most interesting, extravagant and vibrant outfits with one condition: break the conventional fashion rules! Are you ready? Don’t worry too much if you aren’t sure how to get started, because we have these ideas to help you with!

Sparkles and sequins in the daylight

Sequins, sparkles and all things shiny look gorgeous at night, hence many get the idea that these should be reserved for evening events. This time, we challenge you to shine whenever and wherever you want: try wearing sparkly outfits in the daylight! We know that sparkly outfits can overkill sometimes, so our tips is to pair these outfits with another piece that will tone down the shininess a little. Wearing a plain white T-shirt under a sequinned dress will give you a casual yet fabulous and fashionable look. If you are brave enough, of course you can go all out in sequins!

Beach accessories

Today, beach attire is a lot more than just flip-flops and swimwear. One of the most exciting beach fashion trend today is to look stylish with nice beach-themed accessories. Don’t forget to put on some big gold earrings, colourful bracelets and bangles before you go near the sea next time!

Mixing prints

Florals, polka dots, stripes, animal prints… who says all of these shouldn’t go together? Combining prints has made its way in the fashion industry today and maybe it’s your time to try as well!

Red and pink colour combo

The seemingly unlikely pairing of these two warm and bright colours can actually be fancy and cool. For the warm summer days and nights, this colour combination will be eye-catching and attractive. Just pick any two of your favourite fashion items in these colours and put them on – you will definitely look like you have just stepped down from a fashion runway!

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